Home work (Physics)

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-Physics (AS)  

   TERM 1       
       -Assignment 1(Physical quantities and units) 
       -Assignment 2(Measurement Technique)
       -Assignment 3(Kinematics)
       -Assignment 4(Dynamics)
       -Assignment 5(Forces, density and pressure)
       -Assignment 6(Work, energy and power)

       -Assignment 7(Deformation of solids)
       -Assignment 8(Waves)       
       -Assignment 9(stationary waves and superposition)
       -Assignment 10(Electric fields)
       -Assignment 11(Current of electricity)

       -Assignment 12(D.C Circuits)
       -Assignment 13(Particle and nuclear physics)

-Physics 101(A)
    TERM 1
       -Assignment 1(Circular Motion) 
       -Assignment 2(Gravitational fields)
       -Assignment 3(Ideal Gases)
       -Assignment 4(Temperature)
       -Assignment 5(Thermal properties of materials)
       -Assignment 6(Oscillations)
       -Assignment 7(Waves)

     TERM 2
       -Assignment 8(Communications)
       -Assignment 9(Electric fields)
       -Assignment 10(Capacitance)
       -Assignment 11(Current of electricity)
       -Assignment 12(D.C Circuits)
       -Assignment 13(Electronics)
       -Assignment 14(Magnetic fields)

     TERM 3
       -Assignment 15(Electromagnetic Induction)
       -Assignment 16(Alternating current)
       -Assignment 17(Quantum Physics)
       -Assignment 18(Particle and nuclear physics)

Physics Practice Questions(A1)
     - P2set1
     - P2set2 
Physics Practice Questions(A2) 
       - P4set1
     - P4set2

P.S. Please try to complete the homeworks on time.

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