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This message is written hereby to note that, the notes on the general relativity will end with a very short but very useful solution of the Einsteins Equation i.e "The Schwarzchild solution". Although its tedious task to come up with such solution, i'll make sure to make the note as concise as possible while not skipping the main points. However, keep in mind that these notes were prepared as I was teaching myself. I would highly recommend using my notes as a secondary source.

Another point I would like to note is that, I had thought of doing some preliminary study on the QFT but due to my exams, i will not be able to post notes. Nevertheless, I will be doing it in future.

And also, I have received lots of request to write concise notes on the material of GCE-advance level physics notes. So on that note, I would probably be posting some notes on the advanced level physics notes very soon..

Thanks very much for the attention.

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